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Turn Adversity Into Opportunity

Hi! I’m Candy!


Mother – Wife – Entrepreneur – Cancer Survivor – Coach


My personal journey of turning adversity into an opportunity for growth is what inspired me to coach.  Empowering others to find and action their own unique sustainable path to happiness and success is what fuels my passion for coaching

As a coach, I am focused on being a partner in people’s success using my authentic style of recognizing and cultivating the potential in others. My ability to understand the emotions of those around me provides comfort and stability for my clients. Using my natural communication talents, I have the ability to develop a rapport with others allowing them to express their innermost thoughts and feelings without judgment.


Born into a family of entrepreneurs, I am a serial entrepreneur with over 25 years of experience working with start ups in the service and retail sectors.  My love of helping others build their dreams is what attracted me to the challenge of personal development.  This love of a challenge has led me down many paths from working with a large multinational human resource staffing company, small start ups (including 2 of my own), and a couple of not-for-profit employment centres. I was the 2013 recipient of the Venture Niagara Award, for entrepreneurial excellence.

While battling cancer in 2015, I closed my business to focus on my health. Since becoming disease free I have worked hard to rebuild my life.  I understand the impact of setbacks and can empathize while empowering the changes needed to move you forward to a happier more satisfying life.

I believe people are whole and have the answers within their reach. It is my dedication to asking the questions that will encourage your examination of perspectives in the search for alternative paths to growth and a sustainable journey.

I am proof that a comeback is possible. I am proof that life can be great again.

Let me empower you to set and reach your goals.

Schedule a chat with me!

It’s free, and it may be the first step to the life you have always wanted.

Change may seem hard.

Everything is easy with an action plan, and this is EXACTLY what we are going to design with 1:1 coaching.

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